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About Lensblr

About Lensblr

Lensblr advocates the original photographers on Tumblr — the “creators” in the Tumblr world.

Our goal is two-fold: first, to bring more attention to the creative works of the content creators on Tumblr.  And second, to foster community among fellow photographers on Tumblr, and the people who enjoy their work.

Lensblr is a door to discovery: photographers from all over the world, of different styles, genres, and varying levels of experience.  Most of the photographers we post are hobbyists or amateurs, some are photography/art students, professionals, or aspiring professionals.

We prefer to “reblog” instead of re-post because we believe reblogging is in true spirit of Tumblr. And when we reblog, the original photographer receives all the notes & comments that come with the post.

Photo Submissions

Most of what Lensblr reblogs is submitted by photographers like you!  We reblog about 40-ish photos every day, 24 hours a day.  We welcome submissions from all photographers on Tumblr — please visit our Submissions Page.

We also track the tags #photographers on tumblr, #original photographers and #lensblr on Tumblr.

We’re always finding new talent and great photos to reblog watching these tags.  And others on Tumblr follow these tags as well – so please, tag your posts!

Please understand, we get about ~300 submissions per day, and only post about 40 of those.  We do our best to keep our minds open, select a wide range of styles and subjects, and we try not to reblog the same people over-and-over again. 

Submissions are reviewed by our Staff of Volunteer editors.  The head editors rely on their input for selecting which photos Lensblr reblogs.

If you’re interested in volunteering to review photo submissions, please drop us an email.  We like to get a diversity of opinions and tastes.

About Lensblr Members

Lensblr Members are photographers on Tumblr whose blogs and photography our team has reviewed, and accepted as quality tumblr Photography Blogs.  For each new Member, we make a post introducing them to the community, and we list them in our Member Directory to help others find interesting photographers to follow on Tumblr.

The majority of our Members are hobbyist and amateur photographers, although a few are also photography students, professionals, and aspiring pro’s.

People who qualify as Members post quality, original photography on their tumblr, without many reblogs or posting others’ content.

The proliferation of cheap digital cameras has made it easy for anyone to upload photos to the internet, and that’s great.  However, we’re looking for a bit more than just “snapshots” on Member photoblogs.  We like to see photos that are thoughtful, well composed, and that demonstate some creativity and passion for the art of photography.

That doesn’t mean you need to have technical mastery or ‘professional’ quality photos, but we do expect to see that passion and creativity.

Futhermore, Member photoblogs should showcase their photography and not their personal lives.  We try to draw a line between “personal blogs with a lot of photos” and “Photography Blogs.”  In other words, we prefer people to keep their family-photo-album stuff seperate from their other photography.

To become a Member, you need to submit a short member application to us.

We have a Board of Editors who reviews every perspective member’s tumblr and photos. Each reviewer gives their input in the form of comments and a vote, and new members are accepted on the consensus of the Board’s opinions.

The process of accepting a new Member generally takes about 2 weeks, so please be patient.

Also, please understand, because of the large number of submissions we get every day, we do not send “notices of rejection” to those who are not accepted as members. We think to send a generic note of rejection wouldn’t be fair; but we simply don’t have time to write a personal note to everyone who is declined (or accepted) as a member.

Still — you don’t have to be a Member to be involved with Lensblr. We welcome photo submissions from all photographers on Tumblr.

And finally, we always need more volunteers to help us. So even if you’re not a photographer at all, you can contribute to Lensblr. If you’re interested in volunteering your time to help us review photos, or select Featured Posts, just drop us an email.

A Short History of Lensblr

Founded in March 2012, Lensblr has grown steadily over the last 2 years, earning about 1.8 million followers and some ‘influence’ on Tumblr. And we’ve also grown as a community.

Now in 2014, Lensblr has published over 2,400+ photographers as members, and over 22,000+ photos from photographers on Tumblr. We are so pleased we can bring the work of the real creatives on Tumblr to more eyes every day.