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"All the technique in the world doesn’t compensate for the inability to notice."


Elliott Erwitt

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My Name is Rico. I am 31 years old and live at the Baltic Sea between Rostock and the beautiful island of Rügen. For my art I’m using my iPhone to shoot, or edit my Pics- or both. I have 2 beautiful daughters and a wonderful wife. I love it, to go out in the nature and looking for awesome and lost places.

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My name is Nara, I am New Zealand based photographer, I started taking photos in my teens, and since then my passion for it has only grown as I learnt more about it.

I use a basic 50mm lens on a canon 5d mark II because I love the maneuverability it offers and the shallow DOF.

I mainly shoot on location emotive portraits, which tends to be on the melancholy side with subdued colours or black and white with high contrast and in the past I have used people I know as my subjects though in the future I plan to shoot with different subjects.

I truly love photography and my sincere hope is to inspire people and express myself with my work.

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Nested doors connecting each of the patient rooms in one of the old tubercular wards at Mayview State Hospital, just outside of Pittsburgh, at sunrise. These doors would presumably allow greater airflow through the building, considered an important part of the treatment of tuberculosis. Unfortunately, most of this asylum campus was demolished within weeks of this photograph being taken.

Prints available here.

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I started taking photographs at 15 when I traveled the United States and Europe with my family for nearly 8 months. Since then, interest has grown into passion and since I graduated high school in 2012 I have been pursuing this passion relentlessly and now am able to shoot full time.

Photography has taken me to all sorts of incredible places around the world, opened me up to new experiences and introduced me to new cultures and people.

The call is not to be comfortable is my personal motto and something I try and live by daily. It basically means that I constantly look for ways to push myself beyond what I feel is comfortable, normal, or rational in the hopes that I grow to match that challenge.

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Father and son, Kye and Darren.

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Above the clouds - Mount Tamalpais

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Denali National Park, Alaska 2013

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When I look in your eyes - Prague, 06/2013

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