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"Colored Room"

Antelope Canyon
Page AZ

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My name is Dave Masotti, I live in Milan and I am a self-taught photographer that mostly shoots portraits of models, musicians and actors. I love connecting emotionally with the people I shoot, and I always try to show a new, glamorous side of them. I started doing this a year and a half ago by taking pictures of anything i liked with an old film camera, and now after some great feedback and some paid gigs I’m trying to turn this passion into a real job. I shoot both digital and film.

I really hope you enjoy my work !!


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last days in Beijing

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1984 Born in Osaka

2014 Workshop by Marc Prust

I started shooting as hobby 4 years ago.

I love conceptual photography and street photography.

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Autumnal Fields

Mamiya RZ67 - Kodak Portra 400

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Hi, my name is Jessica and I lead a very colorful life, which is reflected in my pictures. My new Sony Alpha 7 is so much fun to use and it is allowing me to try many new directions with my photography.

Please take a look!

Love Yur Life!

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wreathed in mist (Zittauer Gebirge, 2014)

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Three in a row.

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Taken in University of Melbourne

Our university photo club hired models for us to shoot. It was supposed to be a portrait shoot but I had to take this shot when the idea came to my head. It turned out better than I expected :).

Check out my tumblr or flickr if you are interested to see more of my photos!

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Carpathians 2014
Some times you don’t need to go far away for something beautiful

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