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My name’s Sergio Varanitsa. I’m 20 year old photographer from Lviv, Ukraine.

I’m inspiring by a lot of things, but mostly by music and by amazingly talented artists (not only by photographers of course).

Currently i’m working on the project called ‘365’ - i’m doing a photo every single day for year. Most of my photos now are in ‘double exposure’ style, but i also trying myself in other genres.

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Compared to many of the photographers where I find my inspiration, I haven’t been shooting that long - but I’ve learned a lot in the time that I have. On assignment (weddings, portraits, etc), I often shoot with my Nikon DSLRs. For my personal work, the Fujifilm X100s is my camera of choice. No matter the subject or location, I try to frame my photos first with my eyes, then with my camera - if it looks good in my head, recreating it through the lens is next.

I have a love for black and white photography, capturing forms, shapes, patterns and tones. What I see at home in Toronto and when travelling (when I have the chance) is my inspiration - it’s all around me.

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Perfect sunset

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At some point photography stopped being a lark and turned into a way to work out the contents of my head. The process is as much creative as it is meditative for me, something with which to center myself while having something to show for my time. While the work may be dark if not downright macabre at times, it’s always been an innately positive force in my life.

Going forward I’d like to put a greater emphasis on conceptual pieces while still allowing for the meditative, reactionary work that’s helped me keep my balance. More important than anything, though, is that the work, good or bad, keeps getting done.

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Agfa Optima Sensor with Agfa 100 APX

Aberdeen, Scotland

Presented as part of our series Lensblr: Refocused

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Mimalistic Sofia is an ongoing project observing streets and places in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria – a small post-communist country in south eastern Europe. The project is provoked by the loneliness and the monotonous lifestyles in the city. It explores the absurd visual connection between inhabitants and surroundings. I look for simple two-dimensional geometrical compositions and the alienated citizens among them.

The series is also some kind of an alternative photo guide of the city – every frame adds some visual information about the architecture, or the pavement, or the graffiti, or the road signs, or the people’s clothing, or other tiny bits of everything from everyday life here in Sofia.

Photographer: Nikolay Nikolov


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I’m an amateur photographer who does some pro work on the side, sticking to mainly nature, abandoned, and street landscape photography. Capturing light, shadows, seasons, places — this is my bread and butter. But I don’t shoot bread and butter; others can do the food photography thing.

The platform and tools matter, but only a little. I shoot Canon (DSLR and the M mirrorless) and Fujifilm, with some iPhone thrown in here and there.

I take on projects, like old guys who collect model trains, or local abandoned theme parks, or mottled light in dark woods, when a brainstorm strikes. And I use my blog to share my work, not others’ (mostly).

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Although I came to this profession quite by accident, I have been a working photographer for 40+ years. My preference is black and white, but, when the image subject looks right, I will opt for color. I prefer the natural world, but there are certain cities that really speak to me, and I love to photograph motorcycles and bikers. Lately, I’ve been seeing so many photo-realistic illustrators - you know the ones. Can’t tell if it’s a photograph or not - that I’m starting to move away from strict realism in my photography. Guess there’s no future for me at National Geographic. Oh well… Keep on shootin’ those pictures, picture boy.

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Marina Barrage

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an old car i found while driving through the middle of nowhere

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