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Resources for Photographers on Tumblr

Other Tumblrs that publish Submissions:

  • Directory of Tumblr photographers. Write a bit about yourself, and share your photography tumblr with others. To submit, your tumblr must consist primarily of your own original photography (not reblogs etc).

  • Submission-based tumblr for art photography. Each month, Y C Photography chooses a Theme and accepts submissions in that theme. The monthly theme is intended to spur your creativity and incite you to try something new.

  • Showcasing tumblr artists of all stripes, photographers welcome. Curated by Tumblr employee Annie Wener.

  • Lux Lit is a cooperative group Tumblr run by photographers. Their goal is to highlight other Tumblr photographers’ work.  They reblog and accept direction submissions.

  • A potpourri of photography from Tumblr photographers.  They track the #original photographers tag on Tumblr to find photos to reblog, and also accept Submissions.

  • Portrait-Photographers was created to give photographers specializing in portraiture the opportunity to share their work with and receive feedback from other photographers on Tumblr interested in this genre.  Submissions accepted.

  • Landscape-Photographers helps to promote Landscape photography submitted by original photographers on Tumblr.

  • A film photography blog run by photographers for photographers.  Accepts submissions from Tumblr photographers.

  • Film is God is a Tumblr blog dedicated to film photography. Features photography submitted by original Tumblr photographers, and original works found on Flickr.  They also post articles, tutorials, interviews, and projects found on the web.  If you’re a film photographer, submit your work!.  If you’re on Flickr, also check out their Flickr Group.

  • For Film photographers to submit their photos, articles, tips, questions etc.

    I Still Shoot Film also maintains many great resources for film photographers. Truly a fantastic resource on Tumblr.

  • Xonica is a new online, Tumblr-based photography magazine. Accepting submssions from Tumblr photographers. It’s new, so check it out.

  • SFMOMA – the official Tumblr of The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. On Fridays, they post submissions from artists on Tumblr. Photographers and all other artist are welcome to submit.

    They get many submissions, and are highly selective with posting.

  • Geologise is “dedicated to life as we know it; from breathtaking landscapes to the smallest of creatures, or to the largest of galaxies.”

    Accepts submissions of original photography. It’s a great place to submit your most stunning landscapes and other photos of planet Earth. Geologise maintains a fairly large following.

  • The American Guide is a project aimed at documenting the America of today: “It’s part archive curation from back in the day, part documentary travel in the here and now. It’s here to keep a state by state record of an America coming out of the Great Recession and beyond: to document people and places both pretty and hard.”

    Submissions are in the form of “dispatches” that include a Photo and some information about the people and place the photo documents.

  • Accepts Submissions, but mostly reblogs.