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3 weeks ago

Seeking Volunteers Seeking Lensblr…

The Lensblr-Network has (4) volunteer positions open for our New Member Applications and Submissions Review team.

All Applicants:

  • Must be a current Lensblr Member in good standing. 
  • Need to be willing to commit to a possible long term gig.
  • Should have thick skin and be able to play well with other reviewers.
  • Will need about an hour plus of free time per day to spend on reviewing blogs (but can be managed in sections).
  • Should be able to write a concise (very short) review of the blog being reviewed.
  • Must have a good command of the English language.
  • May not already be associated with or volunteering for any other curated blogs on Tumblr.
  • Must have a broad view of photography and an appreciation for the art in all of its incantations.
  • Need to be able to view occasional nudity and must be socially tolerant of all walks of life. (No Haters Allowed).

Apply by submitting a brief bio that summarizes why you want to volunteer for the Lensblr-Network and why you feel you would be a good match for us.

Send bio via email to Staff@Lensblr.com and address it to the attention of “Volunteers”.

Successful applicants will need be able to participate in a brief (30 minute) Skype training upon acceptance to the Lensblr team.


Editor in Chief, Lensblr-Network

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1 month ago


Go to members.lensblr.org/submit this is our new/old submission page!

No more email please! No more submissions to the ask box!

Thanks to a few miracles and a few miracle workers and the support of hundreds and thousands of our members, followers and others with big hearts we have our old main Tumblr page back up and working again!

  • Submissions are back!
  • Member page is back! 
  • Resources are back!









Book mark this now! 


Lensblr.com will also get you there with an extra click but the direct link is members.lensblr.org/submit. Lensblr.org will be the new domain used internally for our staff and administrative functions.

Cpleblow, (aka Chas)

Editor in Chief, Lensblr-Network

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1 month ago

Hello! I really like Lensblr and I've been a follower for quite a long time. It might be my Internet browser that's not functioning properly, but I can't view any pictures on the site anymore. I do get the reblogs on my dash but nothing appears on lensblr[.]com. I hope it gets fixed soon!


To all that this may concern:

We will post this weekend or early next week to fill everyone in on what is/will happen with Lensblr in the near future. 

1.We lost our server and all dbase and functionality for reasons out of our control. Some of that has carried over to the actual blog although I have no problem still dialing up our home page @ lensblr.com so not sure why some can’t see it. Submissions and Member pages and are all down for good.

2. We will most likely shut down Lensblr forever in the next few weeks unless we can raise the funds to rebuild what we had and that is substantial dollars in the range of 6k plus US.

3. We will stop publishing once the fundraiser kicks off  and will reopen if the fundraiser gets close to the monetary goal we have set and  we will publish while the admin site and dbase are being rebuilt.

4. We will make some changes to memberships at that time but we should be able to rebuild the bulk of the membership database.

5. The fundraiser is asking for a max donation of $5 US, we will not accept more from donors because Lensblr is a community effort. We have had offers of substantially larger funds but we won’t accept these because it might give the appearance that we can be influenced by money. This will be successful or not because the community got behind the fundraiser in a substantial way.

6. If we don’t reach our goal we will return unused funds to the community in the form of a final photography contest details will come later but hopefully we will be successful in our quest to rebuild Lensblr.

7. Lensblr has been successful to date because we don’t do things like most rebloggers or feature sites, we had a system in place that involved finding photographs, voting on photos, and then having editors review the results to determine what we would publish. We have over 4000 members as part of our community. We kept stats on everything we published so that when we published we fairly represented the well known and the unknown or barely known photographers equally. We are not run by just a couple of photographers we had a system and we need to get back to that state.

8. We hope you and all photographers that have ever been published or that are members will get behind our fundraising drive and promote it on their blogs and to everyone that they know.


Cpleblow and the entire Lensblr Staff

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2 months ago

Dude, I enjoy following you but you can be brutally condescending sometimes. To tell someone that they basically picked the wrong photo of yours to reblog because it "bears 0 amount of photographic interest." is a bit harsh. Obviously they saw something interesting in it, maybe it was the fact that in that photo you weren't trying so hard or they appreciated that it had no real agenda. Reblogging in the tumblr world is a compliment, there's no need to be insulted when it happens.



Post in question

I hear your point here, about being reblogged, and rest assured, when it happens I’m always, always, always all smiles! This being said, in this case, the reblogger is lensblr, a network that boasts promoting great photography.

I don’t mind anyone else reblogging it but if you create such a fine and incredibly powerful network as the lensblr-community, you’d better deliver and honour such a statement.

From anyone else, I wouldn’t be shocked at all.
Because it is what I am, shocked.

That image is below mediocre. That image has no value whatsoever and any photographer would be able to tell you so. I sound harsh, yes I am, towards myself and I am baffled that people can like this uninteresting, characterless collection of pixels whose sole purpose was to be a little egocentric and show my camera drawer… And my lovely stuffed puffin :)

I do hope I haven’t offended anyone but this is still something that in my opinion, would require some debriefing within the lensblr staff.

Or am I overreacting? It’s 4 in the morning, I’ll know after some Zs

I came across this post tonight while trying to find some decent work to publish on Lensblr, It bothered me a bit that this Lensblr Member chose to air his beef with us publicly but that is too late now, its out there, so I will comment on it as professionally as I can as the Editor in Chief of Lensblr-Network.

We publish all types of photography from as many new, emerging and as yet undiscovered artists as well as those of you that are established and/or professionals. All types means just that, all types; landscapes, street, digital, film, art, nudes, conceptual, architecture, long exposure, Polaroid, empty space, photojournalism, digital manipulations, pin hole, black and white,and on and on and on. Sometimes what we publish is whimsical, cute, silly, funny, its not all serious and you would know that if you really looked at our feed on a regular basis. If you as a photographer didn’t want it published you shouldn’t have posted it on your blog in the first place and tagged it so we would find it. If you are so serious about photography and hold us to the same standard then why would you post this if it’s crap? Isn’t your blog your “showcase” a portfolio of sorts?

Does everything we publish work? In a word no but that doesn’t mean that note counts and reblogs are all we are about. Sometimes we just like to have fun. Don’t worry we will watch what we post from you very carefully from now on.


P.S. For those of you that are not aware Lensblr’s admin has been down for over two weeks and we have no eta for it to be repaired. We are publishing the best we can with out the benefit of our normal system and operation including submissions. It is interesting to note that in spite of this more photographs that we have published in the last two weeks have also been featured on radar, after we published them, than at any time in the last year that this editor can remember. Oh well.

lensblr blog

2 months ago

Lensblr-Network is down!

(Sorry if you have seen this before but based on comments in our ask box it needs to be posted again.) 

Lensblr-Network is down. (this message will repeat every few days)

You may have already noticed that our submissions page is not functioning. Actually, all of our custom interface pages are down. New Member Applications, Access to member areas and links are all down. 

All of the custom administrative pages that we use to review and vote on submissions, track tags, our “admin” pool (where we store over 4000 of your photos for possible publication on Lensblr) and our custom queue are all down.  

The good news is that today, we found out that we are pretty cool and resilient under extreme pressure and we are going to continue to publish your work and advocate for existing and emerging Original Photographers until our system is repaired. As we get the hang of this, we will be publishing slightly fewer photographs per day and our presentation may not be as pretty as we will be using the dash queue and it is not as easy or intuitive as our custom queue.

How will we find you? Since you can’t submit all we can do is monitor tags on your posts and periodically check the work of our members and others that we follow. You can increase your chances of being seen and published by properly tagging your photographs and posting only your best work! Although everything else at Lensblr may not be working, our eye for what constitutes great photography is still very much intact!

  • Make sure your posts are tagged with at least one of the following:

Lensblr (the most important one if you only use one of these).

Original Photographers

Photographers on Tumblr

Don’t blitz post! Since we no longer have a place to store your work if we don’t use it the day you post it we probably won’t ever see it again. Space your posts out as much as you possibly can. 

The up side of this is that we will be posting work more quickly, sometimes immediately, and we now can publish photosets because we are free from the constraints of our system. 

How long will the system be down? We don’t know the answer to that yet but I can assure you that we will let you know the moment we are back to normal and you can always contact us via our “ask” box and our email at staff@lensblr.com.



Editor in Chief, and the entire Lensblr Family

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3 months ago

Lensblr down

Portions of Lensblr have been down most of the day so submissions may not be available and you may not be able to access your member link. We are working on it. Thanks for your patience.


save lensblr lensblr blog

3 months ago

What kind of guidelines for your submissions


Please check out Lensblr.com under the submit tab. Only your own, original, photography may be submitted.

lensblr blog

3 months ago

oops, we made a mistake.

A few days ago we published a photo “Once" that was correctly attributed to Jan Erik Edvartsen but it was reblogged from another blog that does not belong to Jan Erik Edvartsen which incorrectly makes the photograph look like the work of that blog owner. The blog owner was kind enough to point out our mistake and we have removed the post from Lensblr.com. This is solely our mistake (one that we normally catch) and the blog owner was and is not responsible for us incorrectly using the photograph. By our own rules at Lensblr we only publish on our Tumblr original works that have been posted to the owners own original Tumblr blog. Our apologies to Jan Erik Edvartsen.

Cpleblow-Editor in Chief

lensblr blog oops

9 months ago

do you promote photographers who follow you, or you just promote at random?


No, you don’t have to follow Lensblr to get reblogged, and anyone can Submit.

And no, we don’t feature Members or reblog photos “at random" either.

There’s nothing random about it. Lensblr is not a robot. We’re real people, we have a nice team of editors who review all the photos people submit to us, and who find other interesting photos from hashtags (#lensblr, #photographers on tumblr, #original photographers). These editors make decisions on what we reblog.

We realize everyone won’t like every photo we reblog.  We try to be diverse and inclusive.  We try to ‘discover’ new tumblrs.  And we try to ‘spread the love’ a bit, posting from many people, not just a select few.  But we’re not perfect.

Oh and there’s a bunch of other Tumblrs that are posting original works from photographers on Tumblr - we have some links on our Resources page.


lensblr blog faq

10 months ago


Earlier today we posted a photo of the Golden Gate bridge via user myashesofdawn.

We regret to inform you this was a mistake, this Tumblr user is not the actual photographer of that photo.  As far as I can tell, the photo is by Jason Hoover and can be found here on flickr.  We apologize for the error.

We have deleted the post, and added this tumblr to our “do not post” list.

How did this happen?

As many of you know, we track the tag #photographers on tumblr to find great original photos and new photographers on Tumblr to follow and reblog.

But we do rely on people’s honesty and good intentions when they use the tag  ”photographers on tumblr”.  Honesty - people should only be attaching this tag to their own photos they post on Tumblr.  Good intentions - people should not be trying to deceive anyone otherwise.

The whole point of the tag is to help us and others find original photos on Tumblr, which is why last year we posted urging photographers to use this tag.

For the most part, we’ve seen that the overwhelming majority of people use the tag honestly and with good intent, which is awesome. But there are always a few bad apples in the barrel.

How can we prevent this from happening?

Lensblr’s Editors need to spend that extra few minutes analyzing the source and origin of each photo before we post it.  This can be difficult to ascertain in some cases, but usually visiting a person’s Tumblr and looking at what else they have posted gives a pretty clear indicator.  In this case, if we had visited the offending user’s Tumblr, we would likely have realized they were not the original photographer and this mistake would have been avoided.

Again, sorry for the error.  We’ll be posting corrections/retractions in the future when this happens again.

—Felix & Charles

lensblr blog photographers on tumblr

10 months ago

We’re going to start watching Tumblr’s ”featured tags” a bit more closely for posts that feature photographers on tumblr, and reblogging some of these posts (not all of them!)

At the moment I’m referring to #black and white, #landscape, #artists on tumblr and #art.  I’d watch some of the others, but honestly I almost never see original photographers featured in say #portrait, #architecture etc.

Kudos to the Editors who are featuring the creators on Tumblr.  How can we get more of you guys?

"Follow the World’s Creators"  —Tumblr

lensblr blog

10 months ago

How do I be a part of this community?


Lensblr has tried to create a ‘loose-knit’ community between fellow photographers on Tumblr.  It’s not like, “you’re in” or you’re not.  We reblog photos and post ‘Members’ to help introduce people to other photographers they may not know yet.

Being loose-knit and open-ended, involvement in this community of photographers of Tumblr is done a number of ways and differently by everyone.  And moreover, Lensblr is just one ‘organizing force’ — there are several others! (see end of post).

Here’s some suggestions:

1. Start following some other photographers, Like their posts, send them a Message when you really like one of their photos, Ask them how they pulled off that awesome shot, etc.

Like anything in life, it takes a little initiative on your part to get involved and make friends.  Communicate! Send messages, reply to posts.  Most of the other photographers on Tumblr are really friendly folks, and would love to hear from you. 

2. Start tagging your photos with ‘#photographers on tumblr’ or ‘#original photographers

Many other tumblr photographers track these tags, as well as other Tumblr blogs that specialize in reblogging original photographers on Tumblr.  So, first thing is to tag your posts :)
Note, these have to be among the first 5 tags on your post for Tumblr to include it on the tracked #hashtag pages!

Lensblr also tracks these tags, and we reblog some photos we find this way too.

Submit your photos to us: http://members.lensblr.com/submit

Understand, we get 200-300 submissions per day, and only post about 40 photos per day. Please don’t get frustrated if we don’t reblog your submission - try to submit only your best shots!  We’re trying our best to select a range of different styles, genres, subject matter etc.  And yes, we do try not to reblog the same people over and over.

Become a Lensblr Member: http://members.lensblr.com/register

Lensblr Members are Tumblr photoblogs that our team have checked out and reviewed. We’re looking for quality, original photoblogs that mainly only post their own photos (not reblogs, not other stuff etc).  For Members, we make one post about your Tumblr along with a personal statement and photo that you provide us, and we list your Tumblr on our Member Directory page.

See also: The Photographers Directory for a similar project.

Submit your photos to other blogs that focus on the Original Photographers on Tumblr!

Lensblr isn’t the only resource! I can’t stress that enough.

In the last few months, several new Tumblrs have been started with the same focus on promulgating the works of tumblr’s original photographers.  We are really happy to see others starting projects with this goal!

We keep some links on our Resources Page, but here’s a short list:


I hope this helps!  And remember that building community takes effort and initiative from everyone involved.  Lensblr is just one way to find other photographers you might like, but then it’s really up to you to make the first step :)


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10 months ago

2 Photography Tumblrs to Check Out

2 tumblrs have recently been brought to my attention that I would like to share with everyone, if you are not already familiar with them.

Lux Lit

We are LuxLit, a blog run by photographers with the aim of highlighting our favorite of Tumblr’s original photography blogs.

Lux Lit has been posting a number of fantastic photos from photographers on tumblr and accepts submissions. The blog is curated by a nice team of photographers who you may already know :)

Portrait Photographers

I started Portrait Photographers to give photographers specializing in portraiture the opportunity to share their work with and receive feedback from other photographers interested in this genre.

Posting photos and submissions from photographers on tumblr, Portrait Photographers has also started publishing short interviews as well!
Personally, I’m excited to see the emphasis of a particular genre to bring interested tumblr photographers together. 

Finally, if you have a similar project focused on bringing the creative works of photographers on tumblr to more eyes and building community amongs them, please let us know.

Have a good day, happy Tumbling.

lensblr blog

1 year ago

How Sandy Hit Rockaway


Here’s a project by Australian photographer Kisha Bari about the Hurricane Sandy and how it affected the lives of the residents of Rockaway. It’s a good reminder that photography is also about telling stories and keeping memories for futur generations as well as a way to teach us that humans are all the same in front of loss. View this project on Tumblr

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Hi fellow followers and photographers, here’s a sneak peek of what we would like to achieve in term of “look” for the Lensblr website. No more rounded corners, bigger pictures, black backgrounds and a less intrusive menu (no more bold fonts in there). We’d love to hear your thoughts !

(100% view here)

What do you think of the upcoming design changes ?

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