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Chasing colors

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Nepali girl.
Her eye tells so many stories.

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Martyt - with Martina

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I am a self taught photographer who lives in a small town in Ohio. I love photography and the whole creative process, even when I get grumpy and stressed. It’s probably because I am a protectionist and something is not coming out how I want. Artistic expression, to me, is like the Tao. You’re in a state of balance between technical and the inexplicable, and you use your technical to attempt to express that which is inexplicable.

I am constantly impressed with how much of an internal process photography is. Everything is, but when you try to create I think that your awareness of this becomes more apparent. My tools are a Canon 5d Mark iii, a 24-105 f/4 and a 70-200 f/2.8, and Photoshop. I love creating photographs through composites and usually have mystical themes.

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I kept coming back to this photo of Key resting in between jumps during Rob Woodcox’s photo session at The Wild Ones 2014 Columbus workshop. There was just something about it that kept drawing me in, and I finally decided to edit it this past weekend. The more I played with it, the darker it got until I realized why I liked it so much.

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Cindy Loughridge is a lifestyle photographer based in San Francisco, CA, specializing in editorial, portrait, and wedding photography. Over the past 10 years, Cindy has documented her everyday, often shooting “nothing in particular” in order to find novel ways to turn the unremarkable into something more, and then applying those ideas to her client work.

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francesco | portrait, london 2014

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  • mood/music: Staind - So Far Away
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Generation image

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not a morning girl

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