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Staff Pick -

Up close and personal. Wonderful textures coupled with a great story.


Columbia Road

staff picks photographers on tumblr black and white street photography urban monochrome flowers london uk england man columbia road columbia road flower market artists on tumblr original photographers

Staff Pick -

Impressive mastery of reflections and shadows, I particularly enjoy the angry-sad face of the man in the first shot, it plays along very well with the dramatic sky and the harsh contrast.

Harold Perez

Through the glass.

staff picks photographers on tumblr black and white street photography reflection ricoh gr toronto federico chiesa

Staff Pick -

Very subtle yet everything holds the eye on the subject. Lovely lighting and composition.


just lift me out the club.

staff picks photographers on tumblr artists on tumblr levitating floating

Staff Pick -

Looks like this scene came from a 90’s (or even 60’s) sci-fi movie. Balanced, lovely texture, the formation of smog/fog, interesting angle. Shot by Tim Burton? No, it’s Marco Harder.

Augustus Columbano

Dubai, 2013.

staff picks photographers on tumblr black and white travel film photography night photography analog dubai burj khalifa tallest building in the world uae

Staff Pick -

Impressive street photography, a crisp silhouette of a (happy?) man with a screaming yellow background, almost fluorescent. The gait is curious, at least for me, seems like the subject is a bit hunched, or maybe tired, but surely has a distinctive shape, is he eating something?

The reds in this image are superb, the sneakers shine with a light of their own, playing a nice game with red line painted on the sidewalk.

Impressive capture, to be framed and hanged.

Harold Perez

Taken in San Francisco! Must be the light x

staff picks photographers on tumblr street photography shadow sanfrancisco yellow usa

Staff Pick -

Lovely black and white from my new favorite blog. Film grain, that lovely blur, this photo is charming in so many ways.

Augustus Columbano

staff picks photographers on tumblr black and white analog film photography 35mm artists on tumblr photographer on tumbrl valentina maistri

Staff Pick -

This is sublime — the deliberate pose of the guy, the apparently candid action of the girl…I love this image unreservedly.


staff picks photographers on tumblr black and white portrait monochrome israelmekaniko sinasaludo

Staff Pick -

Lovely moment. The lighting is just mesmerizing and everything is in place. Awesome conversion to black and white, great shot!

Augustus Columbano

All Farewells Are Sudden - King St, Sydney

staff picks photographers on tumblr black and white film photography analog light urban neopan 100asa d76

Staff Pick -

Sureal is the word that comes to my mind when I look at this picture. The perspective and composition are well balanced. Plus, the alignment of the foreground character and the background structure is just superb !


In the mist

staff picks photographers on tumblr black and white landscape mobile photography

Staff Pick -

John Gordon’s images consistently portray a quiet and contemplative view that is both eloquent and elegant. In a time when the “grab-shot aesthetic” is so prevalent, It’s refreshing to see a young photographer so maturely rooted. -John King




staff picks photographers on tumblr landscape nature winter snow cold

Staff Pick -

This photo is a lovely landscape shot; the sharp trees in the foreground, multicolored trees in the back, smudged by fog into an arboreal rainbow. A beam of light streams from the center of the image, and a single house sits quietly in the midst of it all.


staff picks photographers on tumblr landscape mountains color

Staff Pick -

subtle and yet powerful   s2

architectural grid

I was on my home from a photographic exhibition about distortion in photography. The light was lovely and I made some architectural studies of Adelaide’s modernist architecture.

staff picks photographers on tumblr architecture original photographers

Staff Pick -

I’d like to preface this commentary with the fact that I have a pretty strong dislike for flash photography. Done right, it can work, no doubt about that. For the most part, things get washed out, there are glares to deal with - it is not aesthetically pleasing to me.

Atisha Paulson consistently uses flash photography in a way that I find pleasing. Since the man in the hat is in the center of the photo, I’m assuming that he was the focus, the main subject for this shot. My eye, however, is drawn to the woman on the left with her head tilted to the side and a cigarette dangling from her lips as she casually flips her hair over her shoulder. It’s the little things that make a photograph work and the crowd behind him, particularly that woman, completely work for me.


staff picks photographers on tumblr street photography candid

Staff Pick -

This, for me, is a reminder of the power of photography; the ability to offer others a moment through your eyes. The honesty of this image allows appreciation of the detail in light and shadow without any pretense, while curiosity ultimately leads through the window - the darkness, and what we can’t see; imagination takes over.


[“Windows”,Trashy Phonephoto, Lia Sáile, Vienna, Austria 2012]

staff picks photographers on tumblr iphoneography lia sáile trashy phonephotos

Staff Pick -

full; yet empty  s2

Empty Parking Interior

staff picks photographers on tumblr architecture interior bay car park concrete empty garage square underground